AM Gray e-books

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A woman and her kids try to start again. They buy a house in small town America and hope to be hidden, but life is never that easy.

Strangers on a train. A young girl travels across Europe. She hopes to experience more of life. And in a way, she does.

Angela has had the same dream lover since she was a teen. One day he unlocks her door and walks right into her apartment.

Young lovers in Old Havana. But the girl catches the eye of an older man. He wants to marry her, but she is in love with a street boy.

 Weddings. They stir up the emotions and sometimes they reignite old flames. She knows he is bad for her but can she see the other guy?

Yule Quest

A descendant of a medieval paladin gets approached in an alley by a talking horse. It’s Christmas time and he’s drunk, so he doesn’t take it seriously. But he ends up being dragged across Ireland on a magical quest to find a sword; a sword that is needed by a fairy princess.

Writer's Block

An author has the worst case of writer's block.

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