MTR’s Twilight one-shots

I have written so many one shots (short stories finished in one chapter) that I have a group just for them at JBNP. It has 46 things in it. I do have an awful habit of extending my one shots. Sometimes they make me think or are the start of something more; just like short stories. Isn’t that the sign of a good one? If it makes you ask, ‘and then what happened?’ links have been added into the titles. These are in alphabetical order.

A weredingo stole my baby

Post the BD non battle, the pack gets a free trip to Austraylya. M rating for language and themes. - Words: 4,504 - Published: 9-20-2011

All I want for Christmas is your two front teeth

A Christmas one shot. Izzy does a good deed and is rewarded with a wish. She makes a wish to see inside Paul's wolf mind. AU. My legal entry for the JBNP one shot competition. It got second prize. Words: 3,801 Published: 12-24-2011 Bella/Paul


NM AU, Bella has to stay at the rez as bait for Victoria. Jake and Paul are appointed as her guards. Paul was ordered by Sam to do it and he isn't happy about it. Bella is missing her visions of Edward and starts to do reckless things to see the vision of him. Words: 5,001 Published: 6-11-2013

Anger Management

Leah is angry. She likes her anger. She thinks it helps her, but it doesn't. M AU, Words: 2,415 - Published: 6-15-2012 - Leah/Paul

Annual rites

Each year, on a particular date, Jake gets dark and mournful. My entry for the JBNP anniversary one-shot comp. angst, BD AU no demon spawn imprint, Rating: M for themes: 1,274 Published: 7-2-2012 - Jacob/Bella


My entry for theairthesun drabble shot contest. AU BD. How it should have ended? - Words: 1,225 - Published: 5-23-2012 - Bella/Jacob

Blue jeans and a white shirt

Bad boy Jake fascinates good girl Bella. Can she influence him or he will he win out? AH NM AU Words: 2,591 Published: 11-14-2012 - Bella/Jacob

Bonfires and burns

An unnamed wolf tells his child a story to distract him when he is hurt. Second prize JBNP Fall festivities 2012 anon one shot competition. NM AU - Words: 1,313 - Published: 11-20-2012 - Bella/?

Bought and paid for

Leah gets a job as an escort. MA, AU. Crossover - Twilight & Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries - Words: 4,325 - Published: 3-23-2012 - Leah/Alcide

Breaking the drought

The wolf pack have a competition. - Words: 2,474 - Published: 2-24-2011 - Paul/OC

Breaking things

Post transformation Bella, is not quite what Edward expected. Words: 1,861 -Published: 11-20-2011 - Bella/Edward

Casper the friendly ghost

Bella looks into a mirror on Halloween to see her future. MA AU; 2nd prize winner in the JBNP Howling Halloween one shot competition 2011. Words: 3,470 Published: 10-31-2011 - Bella/Embry

Cleanse my soul

Bella and Sam have carefully circled each other, since that night when he found her lost in the woods. Now, when he is lost he goes to her. NM AU, M for themes. Words: 1,679 - Published: 3-26-2012 - Bella/Sam

Corner of truth and love

Jake told Bella at her wedding that she was crazy to be human on her honeymoon. What if he was right? What if the romantic, isolated island where they were alone together was the single worst place to be? How would all her human, school friends see it ten years later? BD, AU Warning for themes Words: 2,803 Published: 5-5-2013

Dreams and Dust

On a trip to London, Rosalie Hale runs into an old wolf. Sam Uley isn't aging and no one knows why. Impulsively they decide to tick each other off their bucket list. Together they discover something else. M  Rosalie/Sam - Words: 2,562 Published: Aug 31 2013


BD, AU, If Bella died giving birth and left her child motherless, would it change the wolf the baby imprinted on? What if it was Leah and not Jake? My entry for the Paws & Art o/s banner prompt contest 2013. Placed equal third. Words: 4,459 Published: 4-5-2013 Edward/Leah

Fighting the black dog

New moon AU - the black dog is a term for depression, and is also the colour of Sam's wolf. Warning: talk of depression and suicide. Words: 2,418 Published: 3-26-2012 Bella/Jacob

Freaks of Nature

M, Set post BD, Leah and Nahuel, the South American vampire hybrid find some things in common. Words: 2,908 Published: 2-14-2012 Leah/Nahuel

Guilty as charged

Jake asks Bella to get a message to Paul in Forks Police station; he's being held for murder. NM AU, Words: 3,673 Published: 3-27-2012 Bella/Jacob


Angela gets dumped by Ben and to cheer herself up, goes out to La Push with Bella to watch Jake fix the bikes. NM AU. Words: 3,139 Published: 4-28-13 Angela/Embry

Heroes and villains

Did you ever wonder how in the world Charlie did end up with Sue Clearwater? What if he had a crush on her for years? AU. Twilight Rated M - Words 1,300 Published: 4-10-12

Hope springs eternal

After Edward left Bella in the forest, she chose herself. NM, AU. Words: 2,229 - Published: 3-27-12 Bella

I'll be home for Christmas

Bella Swan always did have a thing for older guys. AU, M. Words: 5,328 - Published: 12-9-11 -Bella/?

Jake's piece

Bella and Edward have a delay in their travel arrangements to South America. Bella is alone and able to think for the first time since the wedding. Words: 2,880 Published: 3-27-12 - Bella

Leaving on a jet plane

Jessica Stanley got the phone number of a boy at Bella's wedding. BD AU. Words: 2,222 Published: 3-27-12 Jessica/Seth

Levi’s tree

Paul is old and ready to go join the love of his life, Bella. He looks back on his life. AU words 2437 Published 01-08-12 Bella/Paul

Long ride Home

How does grown up Claire cope with being told that Quil is her soul mate? Drabble fic. less than 500 words. Words: 608 Published: 11-24-12 - - Claire/Quil Jr


What if Bella's future-self came back to warn her off? AU Words: 2,073 Published: 11-16-2012 Bella/Tyler

Memories and Markers

AU: married life can be a handful. Make it whatever wolf you prefer. Words: 3,958 - Published: 11-14-11 Bella/?


Set post BD. Bella Cullen realises she might have made a mistake. Words: 1,083 Published: 8-12-11 - Bella/Jacob

No man does it all by himself

Single Bella has a habit of dancing and singing this song to herself. Quil somehow secretly catches her doing so and just something about the way she *cough* performs, makes him attempt to make her his girlfriend. AU MA. Words: 2,745  Published: 1-6-12 Bella/Quil Jr


Imprinting hurts those who get left behind or who have to wait. Why shouldn't they join up and be together? Even if it is just temporary. Who could begrudge them a small taste of happiness? Eclipse AU, Leah and Quil. Words: 2,782 Published: 4-2-13 Leah/Quil Jr.

Perfect accident

Bella/Jasper. NM AU *Warning: very dark; character death.* What if Alice's vision of the future was the Volturi killing her family in a snow covered field? Would it change her reaction to an earlier event? Who would she choose if she had to make a choice between family and friends? Words: 3,467 Published: 4-15-13 Bella/Jasper


Set post BD, Jake contemplates his existence and the thorn in his side. Words: 2,099 Published: 11-9-11 Bella/Jacob


A grassy cemetery. A young man sits, cross legged, holding a letter with his head against a tombstone. A ghostly image of a girl is behind him with her hands on his back. Words: 2,123 -Published: 3-25-12 - Bella/Jacob

Rumour has it

Leah and Sam's history is a volatile one. AU, MA. Winner of the Printing Paws one shot comp. Words: 3,672 - Published: 9-29-11 - Leah/Sam

Say Goodbye

Set in New Moon; Edward has left and not come back. Bella and Jake are just friends or that's what she keeps telling him. AU; M. Words: 2,821 Published: 4-17-11 - Bella/Jacob

Say my name

NM AU, one shot: Bella and Jake spend time together rebuilding the bikes she found. Sam is always there watching them both. Jake hates it but Bella… she remembers him finding her in the forest. Then at a party, Sam kisses her. Jake is furious, Bella intrigued. Why would Sam want her? Words: 4,497 Published: Jul 18 2013 – Bella/Sam


Set BD, Jake's POV. MA AU. Warning: very dark; character deaths. Bella wakes up as a newborn vampire; a proper one. Words: 2,240 - Published: 3-24-12 - Jacob

Summer loving, had me a blast

Charlie Swan is young; it's summertime and he and his friends hang on the beach at La Push. M some mention of drugs. Words: 1,835 - Published: 8-2-11 - Charlie S./Renée

Techno Bella

Paul wishes Bella would dance. AU, MA. Words: 3,986  Published: 11-4-11 Bella/Paul

The Bad Seed

What if sweet, adorable Seth really wasn't? AU. Words: 2,148 Published: 5-28-12 - Seth

The C word

Lean and Embry. Married and happy. AU Words: 2,020  Published: 3-27-12 Embry/Leah

The leader of the Pack

Bella spent the remains of her summer in the arms of Jacob Black. Her very own motorcycle boy. New Moon AU, Words: 2,381 Published: 8-5-12 Bella/Jacob

The places she used to play

Leah runs away after Renesmee is born. Five years later, she comes back. MA for sex and language, AU, set post BD. Written for the JBNP summer in La Push one-shot contest. I know, I wrote three entries… got a little over the top there… Words: 2,881 Published: 8-12-11 Leah/Sam

The Wild One

AU world. Cullen free. Jake worries about his best friend. Words: 3,524 Published: 11-12-11 Jacob/Bella

Then have at thee, boy!

Seth drops in to visit Bella at work. NM AU Words: 1,479 Published: 3-27-12 Mike/Seth

Two to tango

Inspired by a YouTube clip of a woman, pregnant and overdue with twins, trying to dance the babies out. Twins, I thought, I’ve written twins… Pairing: Bella/Paul from the W series. Words: 878 - Published: 11-4-2011 Bella/Paul

Wake up and smell the coffee

Paul wakes up after another night on the town. AU, NM world, Words: 4,683 Published: 3-23-12 Bella/Paul

Warning signs

Bella sees some signs, hears a song and has a major rethink; AU how breaking dawn should have ended? Words: 4,209- Published: 11-22-11 Bella/Jacob

Wide open road

BD, AU - What if the wolves made one last attempt to change her mind before the wedding? The Cullens can't see them if Jake is with her and would his return a day early make all the difference? Words: 4,536 Published: 11-5-12 Bella/Jacob

Wishful thinking

Kim just wanted to be noticed... but only by him... Jared. Words: 2,488 Published: 3-24-12 Jared/Kim