Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Wake up and smell the coffee passes 10k hits

Wake up and smell the coffee passes 10k hits.
*The banner was created by don'tcallmeLeeLee from Printing Paws.
This story is far and away my most popular one shot and has won the Fandom choice award 2013 for Favorite Short (One-Shot). It was a photo prompt from the truly anonymous twilight contest. I have written a few stories for that set of forty-five shots - eighteen of them so far. No idea why that set of shots appealed to me, but it did.
I started with the photo prompt in the left of the banner. It was clearly a guy’s room, laundry on the floor and hung outside the window but the guy looked less invested in the scene to me, I'm not sure why.
I suppose Paul and Bella are my one true pairing but oddly for me writing this pair, it has NO sex!!! And that’s the story that everyone loves. Clearly I have no clue what my readers want. It’s probably just as well that I just write whatever the plot bunnies hop into my head. Well, that is the old writing rule; to write the story you want to read, and here, I wanted to read a Paul making better choices. So he man’s up and goes to tell Bella that he imprinted on her. It’s very sweet and romantic. I am severely regretting not putting it in as my competition entry… lol.
My other milestones this month:
  • This blog passed 20k hits
  • Facebook - 100 likes
  • Twitter 500+ followers
  • Smashwords 4500 downloads.

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