Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I get a real kick out of watching my fanfic stats. Sad and tragic, I know. But the reality is that not many people are reviewing right now, so the only measurement I can get of page activity and story popularity is from my stats.  I suppose, also, I’m not posting right now. I am writing! Really I am.

Fanfic counts a visitor as one person in a twenty four hour period. In that time they can visit many pages; each will count as a hit or a ‘view’ on the table.

For example, I usually average a hit ratio to review rate of about 1%. So that for every one hundred times a page has been read, one person leaves me a review. Heavy sigh.

But right now, my legacy stat page looks like this.

I am watching avidly to see if Apologies hits the three quarter mil mark before Best Friends catches it. I think it is going to be very close.

I suppose I should also see if I survive at fanfic. I hear they are still deleting stories. Sigh.

Just for interest, my most popular one shot is ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’ a photo inspired Paul/Bella fic I wrote and didn’t enter into a competition. Oopsies. Might have made a mistake, there. Lol.

And yes, I am thinking about extending it. When have I ever extended a one shot before? Oh, wait…

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