Saturday, 22 September 2012

Word chatter

A while ago I chatted about my works in progress.

It seems as if the extension of the femslash one shot rose to the top of the pile. So I started a new group on JBNP ‘Swan’s mate for life’

Author: Mrstrentreznor
Pairing: Leah/Bella/Paul
Rating: MA
Genre/Universe: New Moon AU
Summary:The girls are happy together but Bella is curious about men. Paul agrees to help out, but things get complicated. What happens when their boy toy won’t stay in the box? They can’t go back, but can they go forward? Can they all fight for what they need?

Thanks to don’tcallmeleelee from printing paws for making me the banner. 

I have loaded up twelve chapters, and it is up to 38,000 words already. I have it all planned out in Scrivener, plus a large chunk of it is written; my word count there is up to 70 thousand. I still have no idea why my current writing genre is polyamory, but it is. I will start to post it on fanfic when I have finished it.

I promised my fanfic readers a long time ago that I would never start a story that had no ending; and so far, this one isn’t complete. It’s a personal thing. I HATE it when I start reading a great story and it just fades off and the author says they are bored, can’t think what to write, or have changed to a different fandom. Aagh.

According to my bar graph of writing guilt (I should copyright that lol) I have written just under 120,000 words in three months. But again, nothing finished. Gah *headdesk*

Oh, and the race to three quarter million? Still neck and neck ‘Apologies’ pulled ahead and is now 744,959 but ‘Best Friends’ is right after it at 712,577.

It’s going to be close.

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