Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well, that didn't take them long.

The trio passed the three quarter million mark, too. Best Friends share everything is on fanfiction and at JBNP to read.

The banner was made by goldengirl of Printing Paws for me. It’s a page from Embry’s scrapbook.

So proud of them. I’ve been getting a few reviews from people who say they don’t usually read wolf fanfic and are die-hard vamp girls, but read Best Friends because it was recommended to them. I think it got listed on a poly community on fanfic somewhere. And they loved it and say they are going on to read more wolf fic.

Yay! Come to the pack side; it’s warm and you get big wolfy rib crusher hugs.

PS; good lord that background is orange! Is it too much? I am a bit tech challenged and I found that bookish shot appropriate, but I can’t change the background colour. Let me know if it is too much. Hey, nothing like standing out, eh?

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