Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pull to Publish

Pull to publish ( P2P) is a divisive issue in the fanfiction world. Many people are derided for making the choice to sell their words. There is always an argument that if it is fanfiction, then it wasn't your world to start with, even if you have expanded it. As I have said before, it is much easier for writers of all human (AH) stories to do it.

I was very intrigued to see this in my RSS inbox today. A book from tarasueme called ‘The Submissive’. A few of you may remember her from fanfic. Not only has she published her fanfic story, but she has done it under her fanfiction penname.

I wish EL James had done the same thing… imagine? The prize for Publishers Weekly "Publishing Person of the Year" goes to Snowqueens Icedragon. Lmao.

The book cover sports this message:
While posted online, The Submissive garnered almost three million hits.
Hmmm… well that is a little misleading. Hits are not equivalent to book sales. It doesn't mention that those hits are presumable on fanfic sites and hits at are recorded for each chapter. My story, ‘Best friends share everything’ is up to 943,000 hits as I write and ‘Apologies’ is right behind it at 907,000.

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