Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013

I have decided to do nanowrimo this year. Feel free to friend me or however it works. Newbie, here.
Nanowrimo is the national novel writing month and it requires you to write 50k words in November in order to ‘win’ your completion badge. It cannot be something you have already half written, so none of my sketched out rough plot bunnies could be used. I have already written more than that this month and I still have two days left. Grins. So 1600 a day should be doable.
I am probably insane because ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ is still going. I have posted more than 145k words for it so far, and it is still weeks to the battle. It has veered so far away from the original storyline that it will take some effort to get it back into line. A cast of dozens gives me too many characters to want to write for.
BUT can I do that AND finish Josh? That is the question.

I have told readers that Josh may drop its daily updates, but I can't stop writing it. I will do my best to complete both.
So, in two days I have worked out how to install a widget. Yay. And I have written 3,041 words for Bluebeard and done quite a bit of plotting and brainstorming plus I wrote 4,000 words for Josh. Phew.

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