Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mary Stewart and my to read pile

Early this month, the novelist Mary Stewart died. She was ninety seven and I would honestly have said I thought she had shuffled off her mortal coil a long time ago.
I can absolutely lay my adoration of all things Arthurian at her feet after reading the Hollow Hills when I was very young. She also wrote a few romance novels and last night when I was looking for something to read (as if I need to look for things to read - I know) I remembered those and went looking for them. Specifically, ‘My brother Michael’, the ‘Gabriel Hounds’ or ‘Airs above the Ground’. I own a few books and I know that I had paperback editions of those. I can tell you what the covers looked like. I know that I owned those books. I have read them.
But I couldn't find them and they weren't in my book database.
I found ‘Touch not the cat’ but after spending some time searching my shelves, I had used up my reading time.
I rarely, if ever, give books away and I can’t be sure when these got lost. I've moved house a lot over the years and maybe a box got lost somewhere? I don’t know.
Now I want to reread them and part of me is worried if I track them down or search a charity shop and find them. Sometimes I go back and read old favourites to find that I have changed too much for them. They are still the same and often that is the problem.
Off to the charity shop to check it out.
*puts hand over your mouth* no, don’t tell me I don’t need more books.
Eyes Goodreads ‘to read’ list of 130 items.

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