Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Large gap in posts - sorry...

Oh my goodness… where has the year gone? I know I always say that but seriously… I picked up a carton of milk and saw the use by date in September and nearly had a fit.
I have lost it a bit lately - been all over the place but I promise to try and update more frequently… now… what have I been doing?
I did another camp nanowrimo. This time I was sorted into a cabin with other wanna-be writers from a tumblr writing page. If anything, the results were more disastrous than the cabin of newbies from last time. A whole quarter of us (three) finished. And what have I learned from this? As I always ask the kids. Don’t rely on your cabin to drag you along. I aimed for 50k words and did that with the usual sagging bit in the middle before I pulled up my socks to finish.
The story was different to the one from last camp; a messed up soul mate romance. It now has nearly 80k words but needs a lot more work.
I had to update to Windows 10 and I damn near had a panic attack at the thought that Scrivener might not work. When I contacted them they assured me it should be fine. And so far it is. *crosses fingers*
Kid Extra is still with us. I eventually measured out kid 1’s room, made a scale model on paper and shifted things around until I could make them fit and then went to Ikea and bought some single bed furniture. They are getting on well and he seems a lot happier. His mother has not been back and told us after many attempts to arrange to collect his stuff, that she had destroyed it all because we didn’t collect it by some arbitrary date she hadn’t even told us about. (And she wouldn’t let us collect it anyway.) I do NOT understand some people. He seemed quite blasé about it. I reckon he knew he wasn’t going to get his stuff back.
I have been doing a lot of writing courses on Udemy and YouTube, and reading a lot of books on writing. I am very proud of my status - read 150 books this year! And my Pinterest book page looks neat. I have 39 followers there, now. It might help if I wasn’t reading six books at once in four different places! Updating my PC means I can read on the Nook app but I am finding it very different to the Kindle one. Plus I have some older ebook files open in adobe reader and I have a pile of actual physical books by my bed. I confuse myself some days - now where did I read that quote?
So what have you all been up to?


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