Wednesday, 28 October 2015

National novel writing month 2015

Sighs… I wasn’t going to do nanowrimo this November. You are supposed to do a new project and I felt that with my ever-increasing list of half, or quarter done projects, that starting yet another new project would just be putting more crap on that pile.
I joined a website and I had to pay real money to do it. The write practice. It is a community of writers; specifically ones who have trouble completing projects. Does that sound like me? Yep. And the idea is that you all do nano together.
The community will mean we have to share word counts, writing and issues. That’s the point. There are people to help you, you help others, and that you are all cheer-leaders for each other.
So I scrabbled through my idea file and found two that were plotted out and that I had some vague ideas about.
And then I literally tossed a coin. And the winner was the Aussie small town romance set in a haunted house.
It was inspired by an article I read in the Guardian about an Irish home for unwed mothers where they found skeletons in the yard. Most of them were children and the final estimate was nearly 800. Gah… shudders. I can’t imagine that any of those spirits rested peacefully.
And then I asked, and what happens next? Which is where all stories start.

So the tentative title is: the house of lost hearts.
The summary:
A young woman with no real family is approached by a lawyer who tells her that her great aunt has left her everything in her will. But the house that comes with the estate is no ordinary house. It seems to be haunted and under the terms of the will she *has* to live in it. The house also comes with a lawyer who seems determined to involve himself in her life and a local cop who seems to distrust her. Can she help the spirits of the house and help herself in the process or will she fall victim to the cursed property too?

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