Tuesday, 13 March 2018

3 million hits

Back in May 2015 Best Friends Share Everything passed 2 million hits.
Now it’s trundled past 3 million.

Well… I am amazed. It just keeps going. An odd pairing (okay triangle), a long story (over 200k), and for relatively minor characters like Embry and Quil. I certainly never expected it to be popular but almost every day I get a review from someone and it says something like: they’ve read it 20 times, or so many times they can’t count it; that the characters were their friends and they miss them.
I know people don’t often comment on older fics and I still respond to all the reviews that allow me to reply. I’m still just astounded.
I adore my three and I’m still struggling with trying to work out what I got right with that story because if I could somehow replicate it in an original work, I’d be golden.
And my total hits are: 11,898,571
And as always, Apologies is right behind it.
The banner was made by GoldenGirl and she even made a receipt with an employee discount as Quil’s mother owns the store.

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