Wednesday, 4 July 2018

It took me 18 months to read a 35 page 10k word story

No, it didn’t truthfully.
But I had a theory: if I mark something as ‘currently reading’ on Goodreads then I will be reminded it’s there and eventually read it… yeah… nah.
It didn’t work.

Stupid ADHD brain. You really think I’d know how to live with it by now.
Here’s another example: I made a jar to put a stone in for each 500 words I wrote that day. It’s cute and arty. I made labels with hand-drawn fonts and tied it all up in shiny bronze ribbon. The idea was that each day I’d add pebbles and that they’d make a satisfying sound and be a physical reminder (as the jar filled) of the words and the work I had already done.

And then I broke Scrivener word count. I reset my daily word count on my Scrivener doc and it helpfully said my word count was NEGATIVE 3,825. No, I hadn’t deleted anything and I can’t work out why it’s done this.
Kid Extra is my tech kid. He shakes his head at me probably once a week because I have managed to kill or break something techy in an unexpected way. It’s my gift.
But this threw me out of my writing habit. Why? I don’t know.
Logically I just need to write 3,825 words and it’ll go to zero.
So I do that. I paste in some parts more than once until I get it into positive and then reset the daily count.
Still NEGATIVE 3,825
Annoyed, I delete the words and NOW it resets to negative 7,650. What? No!
Why me?
I know! I’ll turn it off and turn it on again… ha! It worked. Why didn’t you think of that earlier? Dammit brain.

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