Saturday, 1 December 2018

Nanowrimo 2018 - day 30

Daily word count:  3,946
I was searching through notebooks to find things to type up in 4theWords to keep defeating wordy monsters. And I saw a prompt. And four thousand words later…
I got distracted by the shiny new idea… I know, right?
Nanowrimo is officially over with the passing of the 30th day. My 4theWord count for the whole month is 81,499 words. It’s probably a bit skewed given the early hiccups, but I don’t have a better total.
And that doesn’t count blog posts, Goodreads reviews (I wrote 29 of those) or any other things.
In other blue streak news, I posted a blog post every day this month.
Some of which are shorter than others, but that’s not a bad streak to be proud of.
So, all in all, I guess I had a successful November?
That’ll do AM, that’ll do.
The question is, do I keep doing daily blog posts with my word count?

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