Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Thinky thoughts

I sat down yesterday to answer my fanfic reviews, as I always do. And one just totally derailed me.
It was a bit garbled, but I asked kid 3 to read it and check if I was misinterpreting it.
The reviewer berated me for not adding another single word to the completed one shot they were reviewing. They suggested that other authors gave me enough of an idea to write a one shot; an idea that those authors then didn’t write for fear of being accused of plagiarism.
They suggested that I had lost the trust of authors who no longer used me as a sounding board and that was why I no longer wrote anything. They accused me of having no ideas of my own.
And they finished with ‘just a thought’ which will usually enrage me. [what is it about that phrase that is such a trigger?]
It took me ages to craft a response. I wasn’t rude, or abusive.
But looking at their message again today, they meant to be that rude. They say they are a fan of mine, but I really doubt it. And I don’t need fans like that.

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