Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Well, not sure where to start.
At the beginning. Right?
This is my first post on my new blog site. I’ve popped my own cherry so far as blogging goes. Lol.
You may know me as mrstrentreznor from my fanfic writing. 
I now have more stories up there than I can sometimes keep a track of. Thirty nine as of this morning, but that is likely to change. They cover a range of genres from Twilight to Van Helsing. A long time ago, I decided, out of sheer politeness, to answer every review that anyone ever left for me. Initially it was that ‘omg someone liked my story’ thing, but over the years it has become a joy. Yes, hard work, but still joy. I spend many hours a day answering each review.
Reviewers sometimes inspire me. Give me a line or an idea that inspires a whole fic of its own. You point out mistakes, correct my own inconsistencies and I love you for it. I see it as a two way street; you look after me and I’ll look after you. Okay? Deal?
I have recently attempted a dip in the world of ebook publishing. I now have five titles listed at 
They are short stories, really. Some a little longer and three are free. I keep checking my download stats like a loony and can proudly say that over 1300 people have downloaded them already. They have just been approved by Smashwords for what they call premium distribution; that is, to be sent to all the big book sellers like Apple and amazon.
Once I am happy that I understand how it all works, I will dust off the longer stories.
I feel a lot like a mother bird pushing her babies out of the nest. I’ve prepared them and prettied them up as well as I know how, and now they have to fly (or fall) on their own. Maybe a kite is a better metaphor, because if they fall, I will pick them up and dust them off, clean them up a little and encourage them to fly again; running along with them.
I just totally did a squee when I saw one of them on the e-shelves at Barnes and Noble.
I will try to keep this blog for information about me and my books.
Sadly, the main issue with all this self-promotion stuff is that it takes me so much time to do; leaving me less time to actually write. One of these days I will get that Tardis or learn how to get more hours in a day. I’ve already given up on the housework. Pity my poor children… lol.
So many words… and so little time to say them in.

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