Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I laugh at myself a lot.

Everyday usually. One thing that I have noticed recently about myself is my twisted viewpoint on things like challenges.

A long time ago, people started giving me fic challenges. They would send me a song clip from youtube and ask me to write something to go with it. Then, they started requesting particular pairings. I started to keep a list of them all, so that I could keep track of them.

I have done quite a few things on the list, but more things keep being added. I don’t mind; I really enjoy the challenge. When I am stuck on other things, I can read through my list and start thinking outside of the box. Sometimes it is a pairing I would never have thought of, like Leah Clearwater and Nahuel, the Sth American vampire hybrid from Breaking Dawn.

I started thinking about what they would have in common and I found more than one thing. Especially the fact that each is a rarity in their own world; a freak.

Sometimes it is a change of character. Seth Clearwater is an adorable, sweet natured boy. I got a challenge to write him as a calculating serial killer like the awful child in the play (and film) The Bad Seed.

Sometimes it is a request that pushes me out of my comfort zone.
Make Paul (my clear favourite wolf boy) lose Bella to Jacob Black. What the? I wailed and said I couldn’t do it and then wrote it anyway.

The most recent one, was to write a love story for Bella and Leah. Gulp. I did that one too and, I must say, it turned out adorably sweet. Not even sure how I managed that. And boy - do people want me to extend that one!

Yeah right, like I have ever extended a one shot into a massive full chapter story before?… oh… all the time - that’s right.

So query why my mind saw the current competition at JBNP for the anniversary as a limitation. It was to write a Jake/Bella one shot with an anniversary theme for their third year party. Why on earth does my head say that is not a ‘challenge’? Especially, given I don’t often write Jacob and Bella together???

Who knows? I sure don’t.

Laughs at self.


Don’t forget to go vote in the one shot competition. Its all anonymous this year so I can’t tell you if I entered or not. But I did read all the entries and there are some good stories in there. Go check it out!

Oh, I checked the rules. I can say I entered, just not tell you which one is mine… bet you can’t guess. mwahahaha.

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