Friday, 23 November 2012

I won second prize!

And I am really pleased with that.

Jacob Black~n~pack did a fall anonymous one shot competition. The prompt was: What will future bonfires and the tribal stories around them be like?

Come on baby light my fire

It was anonymous so nobody knew who wrote each story. I posted something small when I noticed that they were not getting a lot of entries. I should have known! Everyone else was clearly putting some intense effort into their entries, and put them in at the last minute. There were some fabulous ones and seven in all by the closing date. I really didn't think my little story had a chance.

I love anonymous competitions.  They make it a level playing field. Popular people can’t sway the vote with all their fans voting for them. It also means that people, who have never posted something before, can place it anonymously and be judged solely on their words. A number of the entries were either from new writers or broke new ground for old ones.

I posted my story on fanfic too, for those who are not members at JBNP. I kept the wolf identity anonymous too, lol. Insert your own wolf fun. So much fun reading the reviews, where each person thought it was a different character.

I am Australian and we don’t do thanksgiving, but if I was thinking about what I am thankful for, then I’d say that I am thankful for all the writers who share their words with us all.

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