Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Farewell JBNP

I was answering reviews as I do on JBNP tonight when I went to the home page to check new members, as I also do, and to say ‘Hi’ to anyone who mentioned my name. I’ve done that for a while now. If I invite them to the party, I feel I should look after them when they arrive. The site is quite complex and someone to hold your hand when you are new is often appreciated.
I clicked on the home page just as it changed to display a message “the time has come to close this chapter in our twi-lives.” It went on to say that the site is closing down.
WHAT… noooooo *wails* *gnashes teeth* *pulls hair *pours large glass of red* *mourns*
I understand. Running a website is not easy and JBNP has had its share of issues over the years like all sites where a large number of people of all different beliefs have to get together and play nice. It costs money to run and it also costs time. I would have thought the major issue is finding people to donate hours of their valuable time to be admins and to run it all. To make these things run smoothly is an incredible struggle and requires a huge effort in virtual programming, HTML, graphics and technical stuff. I tear my hair out just trying to get this blog to behave.
Also, the twilight movies have finished and there have been many discussions about whether the interest would continue in the stories and the fandom when that milestone was passed. Personally, I don’t think twilight fanfiction will die. Quote me on that if you want in a few years when it is going down the gurgler. I have noticed a few reviews for my stories lately where people have wandered over from the marble side of the fandom. Maybe people just change and grow up? Who knows, but we shall see.
Werewolves are still exciting; they are still starring in books, movies and TV shows. They are still news. My tumblr tonight is full of True Blood, Hemlock Grove and Teen Wolf wolves.
The site has been a credit to the fandom. It has encouraged and sponsored writers and I am proud to have been associated with it. Their awards are the ones I value the most. Especially the Wolfish Grin Award for SLASH/BDSM - Kinkiest fuckery of all wolf types 2012 - I mean, really? Who can top that? I have tried to encourage other writers and have offered ideas and help to people when they asked me. I don’t believe in being a lurker; I do try to be a valuable member of a site.
I will probably continue to write supernatural stories. I love the extras that come with writing for shape shifters and dealing with the supernatural. Maybe they won‘t be twilight wolves, maybe I’ll finally write that were-koala story that furrylittlecannibals keeps trying to get me to write?
I want to thank the site for all the support it has given me over the years. I will really miss the feedback and ideas that reviewers have given me. Some of them have changed stories I have written or given me ideas for others.
Goodbye and good luck JBNP people.

Ps: I just posted chapter 18 of “I’ll be home for Christmas”; a story idea that originally came from a session in the JBNP chatbox, where we were laughing about Bella’s thing for older guys. I will work out what I do with it now, and let people know once I do.

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