Thursday, 25 July 2013

Technology and me

I’m not anti tech but I am often slow to embrace it. Kid one tells me I am a neo-luddite. My phone is seriously more than ten years old. It makes my replies to the kids’ sms pretty succinct. ‘Mum, can I go to x’s house?’ reply - ‘no’ lol. So much irony that I now write eBooks and fanfic online.
Australia is installing a national broadband network. There has been much debate about what and how to do it and the actual physical practicalities of it. I live on a main road and this week they started cabling us up. I don’t think we are actually connected yet, but whatever they have done to the cables (maybe installed a detour while they work?) it has slowed my Internet to dial up speeds.
And I am not coping.
I can’t load Google Drive to chat to my betas as I do every day. I can barely load my own blog! YouTube? Nope. Even tweetdeck won’t load. And Tumblr? Forget it; too many pictures and videos to load more than three or four posts at a time. And my phone is not modern enough to load these things for me, so I can’t walk to the local McDonalds or i-store and use their free wi-fi.
I’m not even sure I will be able to load this blog post!
Funny that we don’t know what we have until it’s gone, right?

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