Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Kid extra

I have to type quietly. I have acquired an extra kid. I know right, at my age? Who would have thought it? I had this pipe dream that as my children got older they would move out, but clearly it is not to be. But it does squish my muse quite a lot. Hard to write or research sex for my writing if I have an audience. (… what? Porn IS research.) 
He’s not really a kid; old enough (just) to be a legal adult in Australia, and he was thrown out of home. Kid 2 asked me to pick him up and he has been sleeping on our sofa since then. He has nowhere else to go. I didn’t hesitate to offer him a bed; even if it was only a sofa-bed. He’s a good kid. He attends uni, has found himself a job, or two, and he’s really trying not to be a burden on the house.
His mother is trying to charge him to ‘store’ his things at her house, but if we try to go and collect them, she threatens to call the police and have him charged with trespass as he is ‘no longer her son’. Sigh.
Kid 1 likes him because they have a lot of similar interests. This is important because kid 1 is autistic and any change to his routine or home life is a big issue for him - and thereby for all of us. Kid 3 likes him because he fixed her PC.
I was talking to a friend on twitter and I joked that this is the second time that something I wrote ended up happening in my life. Life imitating art, eh? I suggested that any minute now Paul ought to be showing up. I wrote him; he’s mine… where is he?
But if I see kid extra’s mother I know just the speech to say to her.
“Where is he going to go?” Sam asked Quil.
“He can come with us,” stated Charlie.
“You collect strays now?” Tiffany snarked. “He sneaks out at night you know… he’s in a gang with them.” She waved a hand at Sam and Quil. Charlie looked at them. It wasn’t the first time he had heard about Sam’s ‘gang’ but as far as he could tell, they did good things; even chased off a drug dealer on the rez, he had heard. In his opinion, the world needed more gangs like Sam’s.
Charlie managed to look menacing without actually moving. “For the record, that hokwat your son is with would be MY daughter. If he has nowhere else to go, he is welcome in my home.”
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she spat at him.
“And if he is a nice kid, I won’t be complimenting you either,” Charlie told her. “Doubt you had much to do with it.”

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