Thursday, 23 April 2015

Book Hoarding

I’ve been busily watching videos from the IndieReCon2015. It was run by ALLI and there was so much information that it will take me a while to absorb it all.
One person in a Q&A asked the head of Bookbub about e-book hoarding.
And I confess to being kind of guilty of this. I subscribe to both bookbub and buckbooks. They are not publishers but are companies that have found a niche doing the searching for people and letting them know what books are reduced, or free this week, or offered in a bundle. Amazon is huge. You cannot possibly spend the hours on searching through it all yourself. So you let these guys know what genres you like and they will send you a message every day. As an author, a promo with either will catapult your book into the bestseller list. But if it is just downloaded and never read, how does that affect the author?
I reckon its good all round. As people have often said, you can’t tell people what to do with your book once you have published it. They will love it or hate it, or leave it in their kindle unread. They may recommend it to all their friends, or they may write a scathing review. Or carve it into mountains.
It’s out of your control. And getting upset about it isn’t doing you any favours. If they download it, and it shoots up in the charts then other people may find it and read it. And then it shows up in the ‘also bought’ tables and the search algorithms, and that’s where you really want to be; on the page as people shop for other stuff. That’s why people beg these companies to promote their books.
I saw a book that I was inclined to read and it was free. I didn’t download it. And the next time I saw it, it was back to full price. Dammit. So now I will hit that one click button. And I will hoard ALL the books. It’s so out of character *snorts sarcastically*
BUT, I also add it to my Goodreads list. And that means that everyone who follows me there sees that book scroll past on their timeline. And maybe they think about reading it and go click on it, too? How is this a bad thing?
So now I have two years’ worth of books in my to-read list.
How many do you have?


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