Saturday, 2 May 2015

Camp nanowrimo 2015

Phew… I did it.

I am trashed. I wrote 43,000 words in the last eight days. The last day on that graph is an anomaly. The site knows I am in Australia but insisted that I had time left. Not sure where it thinks I am.
According to my own word count at 11:30pm on the 30th, I was under by about 4k. 
Heavy sigh - only 4k?
But on the 1st it said I still had ten hours to go (honestly nano where do you think I am?) So - just to check - I collated and exported my scrivener file to Word; cut out the chapters that I had written before the camp started and voila! 81,427 in 30 days. Average of 2,700 per day.
I am a winner.
Yay. *throws confetti - waves pompoms*
It was hard to check my word count as I was working on a section of a much, much larger project. And I am honest. I could have pasted it all in and said I finished 110k words. But that would be cheating.
Plus scrivener counts any words I type in each day, so fact files and research info counted as part of my daily word count goal, but not part of my project word count, so my spreadsheets didn’t match. I can probably fix that somewhere but Scrivener is a very deep pool and I am still treading water on the surface of what it can do. Hey, I did well to NOT get all that stuff included in the final draft.
And I kept writing things in sections that were not part of the Camp project. I also tend to edit; I can’t help myself. There is a kind of nanowrimo dread you feel when a word count goes backwards. So it is only in the last few desperate days that I stopped deleting things I am not sure about and just used strikethrough on them. They still count in the word total even if they really do get deleted later. But in 80k words, it’s not a big difference.
But my cabin was a bit of a loss. We were put in a ‘cabin’; a little group of twelve so that we could cheer each other on. Four of us did that. The figures on the right are the cabin stats. Four members set their word counts and never wrote a single word or left a single message for others. ZERO. And one had a 100k target. Another wrote 1,700. So pretty much half the cabin were no-showers. There is an option to NOT be in a cabin, so I don’t understand why they did this. I get that disasters happen but surely you can see a problem early? So, as a cabin we hit a third of our target and failed miserably.
You know me, I tried to help people. But I know me, too. I was right about tricking my brain into hitting an external deadline however arbitrary. You’re weird, brain.
Now I have to clean it up, edit a little and send it all off and see if it is ‘yes’ to more.

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