Thursday, 5 May 2016

Meeting a Twilight fan

I was at the Medicare office this week making a claim.
[No, I can’t do it online. No, I don’t know why it won’t let me do it. I don’t mind walking up to the mall.]
I yawned, and the lady asked me what job I did to start so early and be off work in the afternoon. I have struggled with owning the fact that I write, so I decided to step up to it and I answered that I was a writer.
“Oh, wow. I admire anyone who can produce a whole book.”
And off she went to prattle on about her favourites (Nora Roberts). When she asked me what I wrote I said supernatural stuff; werewolves and so on. Also one of her favourites. I said I had given a lot of stories away. [It’s the easiest way to explain fanfic to people who don’t know what it is.]
I wasn't sure that I could write a whole book either.
And then she leaned forward and she said, “One of my favourite books is Twilight.”
Really? I love it, too. We chat about going to the midnight movie sessions.
“I adore Edward.”
Wolf girl all the way, I say.
“You think she should have chosen Jacob?”
No. [How do I explain my obsessive adoration of Paul?] I have written alternate versions of the Twilight books.
Here, I say, and I write out my fanfiction name for her. Google mrstrentreznor and you will find my stories.

It will be interesting to see if she has read any by the next time I go in to the office. But even if she doesn't like *my* stories, hopefully I've opened a whole new world of fanfiction for her to read.

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