Friday, 30 March 2012

Visual prompts

When I first started writing, it was from a visual prompt on a Vin Diesel fansite. I know, right? They were the first people to support me and encourage me, and I will always thank them for that. They had a fiction section that suggested images for prompts. It fascinated me how the same image would become a completely different story for someone else.

Over the years I have kept a copy of some of those images that inspire me, but I just haven't got around to writing for, yet. One is this:

It is the most popular image in my photobucket account by a long shot. And I have all my banners from my twilight stories in there and some of those are pretty raunchy... lol

I know fallen angels are the ‘it’ thing in fiction right now, but it intrigues me.
I have searched to find where it comes from and who painted it. I think it is a game card from the ‘Magic; the gathering’ It’s a collectible trading card game. 

But I cannot find any information on who actually painted the image. Different artists do images for the game, but there isn’t much info about who does which images. 

I am fascinated by the dark chains he holds that bite into his flesh. I wonder if his hair is grey from age or experience? Who is he? What has he done? What power does he wield? The image makes me think of fallen angels and William Peter Blatty’s wonderful sequel to the Exorcist called ‘Legion’.

This is an excerpt from the wikipedia entry for the novel. Spoiler alert... 

It was made into a movie, The Exorcist III, in 1990, directed by Blatty himself and starring George C. Scott as Lieutenant Kinderman. The final chapter of the novel, an epilogue, has Kinderman at a burger-bar with his faithful partner, Atkins. Kinderman explains to Atkins his thoughts and musings of the whole case and how it relates to his problem of the concept of evil. Kinderman ends by concluding that he believes the Big Bang was Lucifer falling from heaven, and that the entire Universe, including humanity, are the broken parts of Lucifer, and that evolution is the process of Lucifer putting himself together back into an angel.

What a concept!

One day I will write the story that goes with it. It’s in there, I know it; just under the surface somewhere.

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