Saturday, 31 March 2012

Talking horses

I posted a new e-book on Smashwords tonight.

Yule quest

A descendant of a medieval paladin gets approached in an alley by a talking horse. It’s Christmas time and he’s drunk, so he doesn’t take it seriously. But he ends up being dragged across Ireland on a magical quest to find a sword; a sword that is needed by a fairy princess.

It originally started as another photo prompt. I will tell you how I got there because I know you are going to ask - the cliffs of Moher (as pictured on the cover) made me think of Arthur and the grail. I was thinking of the wonderful Susan Cooper series, 'The Dark is Rising'. Then I thought that Arthur had been done and I should do something else. I searched for a different artefact. I remebered the horn from Roland. I look up Roland - not only did he have a horn, and a sword, but he also had a magic talking horse, who could change size to accommodate up to four riders.  I ask you – I could not make this stuff up! The horse was a gift from the necromancer Maugris – look him up – whoa jackpot!

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