Sunday, 8 April 2012


I certainly passed a few milestones this week. 

‘Best friends share everything’ clicked over to 3,000 reviews on fanfiction. The group on JBNP is the largest group they have and only needs two more members to pass its own milestone of 400 members. Not bad for a one-shot gone crazy. I also panicked early on, about offending homophobes and did way too much cutting and pasting to move it into a group of it's own. I was that worried that I was going to offend someone. Clearly got no judgement when it comes to my own work. 

Fanfic reviewer KimberlyAnnT was the lucky 3,000th.

But the real statistic that I just cannot get my head around, is that another one-shot on steroids, ‘Apologies’ clicked past 500,000 hits on fanfic. My thanks to frlarsson who was reviewing it at that time. She does well to read and review at all, as English is not her first language, she uses a phone and google translates from Swedish.

Goldengirl from printing paws made me a new banner to celebrate it's achievement.

And, according to fanfic statistics, I have now posted 1,059,539 words. Given I only started posting on fanfic, in June 2010, that’s almost 50k words a month.  WHOA! And that doesn’t include my original fiction. Clearly I have compulsive writing disorder… lmao.

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