Saturday, 28 December 2013


I keep forgetting that I own eBooks. I read them on my PC as I do not have (and do not want) an eReader. I often forget to write reviews for them as well and they totally count as books that I have read. I prefer to download them from Project Gutenberg because I am also totally cheap. *grins*
I spent a few hours adding my eBooks into my book database – yes, I have one. It’s from a company called Collectorz and, believe me, the price of the software is worth not duplicating items. I have a book, cd, and movie databases. But I digress.
I guess because most of them are out of print or too old for copyright laws to apply, they can be converted to eBooks. But my list sounds hugely intellectual.
I’ve got Proust in there for God’s sake. When did I think I was going to be ambitious enough to read Proust? Why do I even have vol 2 of Havelock Ellis’s Studies in the Psychology of sex? Where’s vol 1? Dante’s Divine Comedy? And a lot of them are fairy tales and Victorian gothic horror.
I loved G Heyer books as a kid – I know, I was able to borrow books from the adult section. Who knew you can download some of them for free from the Goodreads site? I have never noticed that button before. It's green in the 'get a copy' section and is labelled 'download ebook.'
So now my ‘to-read’ file has 124 books in it and to contrast, I managed to read 80 books this year.
Eek. And I thought that pile on my side table looked intimidating.

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