Monday, 2 December 2013


I was chatting to one of my betas (Feebes86) years ago. We were looking at the photos I had in my JBNP slideshow, as you do with your internet friends. She sent me a shot of Paul Walker from the Coolwater Davidoff ad that he did. We joked about how they managed to get two streams of water to run down both nipples simultaneously. She was writing a Paul/Bella story at the time and I was betaing it for her and I got to thinking about Pauls and water … and then I sat down and I wrote the first chapter of Apologies.

So in a way, the Paul in that story was Paul Walker. He was my inspiration. Often you don’t know what was your inspiration for a story, but I do remember that one.
So I was really sad to hear of his car accident and death this weekend. That is a horrible way to go. I love the Fast Furious movies and I watch all the extras on the disks. If there was one thing the stunt guys said, it was that Paul could drive.
And for it to be on the way home from yet another of his charity fundraising events is beyond tragic. He did a huge amount of work for world-wide charities; he was always working on humanity for homes and animal welfare.

One of the nice guys; the good guys. And a loss to us all.

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