Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Non-canon awards

I have been nominated in the non-canon awards.
Thank you to whoever nominated me. I am not eligible in any other categories because I have more than three stories with 1,000+ reviews. Sniffs.
Some of the pack categories are still open to change, but they are now:
·       Bella/Jake,
·       Bella/Sam,
·       Paul/Bella,
·       Leah/wolf, and
·       a whole set for Seth! Yay

This is much better than previous years, so now you can all nominate those cool, sexy Paul/Bella stories.
Of course, if you have a story that won’t fit in any of those, pop it in the other non-canon pair category. So Quil and Embry can go in there!
Don’t forget they must have been updated in the last three months and the story must have less 500 reviews. 
This is a competition for the underdogs!
Go on… off you go. Well not my stories obviously…

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