Saturday, 22 March 2014

Wattpad versus Ao3 final post

Whoops. I forgot to post the final figures for my month of keeping an eye on my stats for various fanfiction posting sites. Click on the image to enlarge it.

So it goes in this order:
1. 320 hits,
2.     Ao3 82 hits,
3.     Wattpad 28 hits, and
4.     Fictionpad 15
But not many reviews… anywhere… sigh.
Keeping an eye on stats does show one thing, Ao3 is very different to fanfic. There seem to be a lot less Paul/Bella stories there and an unexpected one of mine has leapt to the top of the hit table. Techno Bella - where Quil slips Bella a mickey and she is all over Paul. 
And Wattpad has found one of my creepy short stories, Home.
I think it works that if you comment on a story, your comment is sent to all your followers. More like twitter than fanfic, if that makes sense.
Plus I wrote a small Teenwolf fic called Even more complicated that is smacking everything else in the hits race at Ao3.
Given what that show did to her this week; maybe everyone just wanted to read a happy Allison fic?

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