Tuesday, 2 December 2014

An excerpt from my nano2014 novel

The adventures of a boy called Edwin and a wizard called Conon.
Conon started off bisexual and has become omnisexual. He’s basically become Captain Jack Harkness and will have sex with anything.
What did Conon have sex with?
A dragon?
Omg… writes furiously...
“Wait…WHAT?” Edwin almost shouted. “You had sex with a dragon?”
Dead silence.
“A dragon!” Edwin repeated. He fumbled around in his clothing and pulled out the medallion of the dragon, looked at Conon, looked at the medallion and then looked back at him, and shook his head. “I know you said you had seen one close up… but… really? Like that close!”
Conon lips were held firmly together. He was so intent on not talking to Edwin about this.
Perversely, that made Edwin keep talking.
“How big are dragons anyway? Linnae said they were large enough for people to ride. Well, not ride in the sense you are talking about here… ride like a horse kind of ride. Did it change size or something? Did you turn into a dragon? No wait… oh, now… did you change size? You’re scary enough the size you are now, I can’t imagine how threatening you would look if you were larger.” Silence for a beat. “Or did just certain parts of you get larger?”
“That’s a point… did you tell Linnae about this?”
“No.” Grunted.
“Why not?”
“It was forbidden.”
“Well it would be; people might get hurt, or trampled or burned to death.”
“Or frozen.”
“Ha.” Edwin pointed at him. “It was an ice dragon.”
Conon grabbed the front of Edwin’s shirt and hauled him bodily towards his face. “Shut up.”
Edwin blinked. “Why was it forbidden?”
Conon dropped Edwin, smacked one hand across his eyes and sighed heavily.
Edwin bounced on his feet. He thought Conon might eventually tell him, so he bit his lip to stop himself from speaking.
After another heavy sigh, Conon spoke, “It’s forbidden for just the reasons you said and because it might change the balance of things.”
“Linnae said the dragons had all the power.”
“So if one got a crush on a human, it could be bad. So to speak.”
“Why did you do it?”
“I wasn’t much older than you and I thought it would be … fun.”
Edwin raised his eyebrows. “Fun?”
“Yeah… it wasn’t fun; it was utterly terrifying. And irresponsible and stupid.” Conon attempted to dissuade Edwin from stupid activities.
And failed.
Edwin sounded awestruck, “You could have died!”
“And I might have if I wasn’t a wizard.”
“What did she want out of it? Given she had the power.”
“It’s hard to say ‘no’ to a dragon.”
“I don’t know what she wanted. Maybe it was an experience for her, too? She was young… for a dragon.”
“So you speak dragon?” Edwin guessed. “You’d have to to flirt with one.”
“A bit.”
“You can say ‘oooh baby… that’s it… right there’ in dragon?”
“I will hit you.”
Silence for a beat.
“Oh, wow… maybe you have little dragon babies out there somewhere?”
“Oh, for…” Conon strode off swearing loudly.
“You could have,” Edwin argued as he followed him. “And they wouldn't be little by now. That was years ago.”
“That is not how it works!”
“How do you know? If there was magic involved in this… coupling, anything could have happened,” he tried.
“Well, I don’t know what to call it. It was the only word I could think of.”
“Dragons are magic, too, right? They could be magically mixed ice dragon babies.”
“We are not talking about this any more.”
They argued about it for days.

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