Monday, 1 December 2014

nanowrimo 2014

I won #Nanowrimo2014

I got three different word counts in Word, Scrivener and Drive. I can’t tell how they are different (and it’s quite a lot) so I have over written to cover it.
My daily average was 2,026 words. I set my usual daily target at 2k anyway. But I did write a few other things this month; about another 20k. So it is a monthly total of over 80k.
I changed the name of the story to ‘Fate, Chance and a Wizard’ but I am not entirely sure about that, either.  Thinking of titles is fiendishly difficult without making something that is terminally boring or too much like someone else’s title.
‘The Adventures of Edwin Ash and Conon’ - no
‘Edwin Ash and the journey from crossroads to capital’ - no - it sounds like a travel diary
‘Wizards, magic and boys, oh, my’ - NO - and there are girls as well.
‘Paths that lead to home’ - no
‘Have wizard; will travel’ - NO
‘The affairs of Wizards’ - a snatch from Tolkien “Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.” NO
You get the issue…
There is an African proverb, ‘if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ To cut it down the title might be, ‘To go far, go together’ I don’t mind that one and they do, indeed go far. In fact, all the way… hehe.
‘To go far, go together’
‘Fate, Chance and a Wizard’
I am not sure that either title is easy to remember; the last thing you want is someone forgetting the name when they try to order it.
Ah well, I will probably change it again, anyway.
A large chunk of the story is written but there is still a lot of detail needed to be added. Rather than get bogged down in descriptions (I do prefer to write dialogue) I just pop two %% where I need to research or add more. It is very easy to search for that symbol later.
There is still a lot more story to tell and I really like my characters, Edwin Ash the inquisitive boy, and Conon the wizard who has travelled alone for too long. Edwin drags him into adventures by asking questions, touching things he shouldn't and demanding that they help people who are in trouble. And he makes Conon nuts.
“Somebody should do something and we are somebody,” says Edwin.
He’s so sweet. And eventually my surly wizard falls in love with him. Just like me.
And then, it all changes when… but you will just have to read it.
When it’s finished, of course!

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