Thursday, 5 July 2012

JBNP awards 2012

I have one or two nominations for the JBNP awards, actually… ten. Voting is open until July 22nd. Go to the awards site to vote. You do NOT need to be a member of jbnp, all votes count.

3. The Howl Award - Favorite Short Story or One Shot - Any pairing, any wolf. As long as it’s fewer than 15,000 paw prints.

4. The "Don’t Get Me Upset!" Award: The Underdog Fic - The story that nearly made you phase because it got you so riled up due to the injustice/discrimination/twists.

5. E is for Erotic: Most Erotic Wolf Lovin’ - Any pairing, any wolf, as long as it just makes your loins tremble and weep with desire.
Best Friends... Share Everything by mrstrentreznor

6. Canine Comedy Award: Funniest Wolf Fic – Any pairing, any wolf. "Dammit! Stop Laughing like a Hyena! You're a wolf for Chrissakes!!"
A Forksummer Night's Dream by mrstrentreznor
Best Friends... Share Everything by mrstrentreznor

12. The "Maybe Even Then..." Award: Best Vamp/Wolf pairing -
Freaks of Nature by mrstrentreznor

13. Wolfish Grin Award -  SLASH/BDSM - Kinkiest fuckery of all wolf types
Best Friends... Share Everything by mrstrentreznor

'Special' Categories:
16. Best Beta Award: #1 editor/pre-reader -Damn, this beta freaking rocks. I could have never done it without her/him.

18. All-Time Favorite Wolf Story - The one story you can read over and over again. You have recommended this story to everybody you ever met. You get the drift...
Apologies by mrstrentreznor

19. All-Time Favorite Wolf Author - I can't get enough of her writing. No matter what this author writes, her stories consistently take my breath away!

Thank you to everyone who nominated me.

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