Friday, 31 January 2014

Almost done running

One of the pairings I haven’t ever done is Bella and Seth. Ooh can I cross that off my challenge list? I will have to go check. Yes, I can! There ya go wolfgirlandproud.
As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I wrote two stories for the ‘Paws and Art 3.0’ and I finally got around to posting the second one yesterday.
It’s here at fanfiction and here at fictionpad.
Because the original banner had been adopted, don’tcallmeleelee made a new one for me, too. It had to be a seductive and flirty looking Bella and Seth. I think she got that down.

I had to mess with the ages a little to make him over sixteen, and therefore legal for sex in Washington State, and I made Bella a college dropout. Initially I had her breaking up with Jasper when he has an affair with her best friend, Alice, but Feebes convinced me to change that. I believe her words were that I would have to extend it one day and the vampire Cullens might need to visit Forks. She knows me so well, lol.
It has almost twenty five reviews, oddly most ask about the rest of the story. *faceplant into keyboard*
Cursed, I tell you… cursed.

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