Monday, 13 January 2014

Fandom choice awards 2014

Last night the awards were announced. I was nominated in five categories and I won a prize in all five!
1.            equal first all-time favourite author
2.            second all-time favourite Story for ‘Closer to God’
3.            first in best erotica - ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’
4.            first in best non canon story ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’
5.            first in best non-traditional story ‘Swan’s mate for life’.
I am just blown away. Swan's is one of those stories that divided people. Some just didn't like it and that is fine; everyone is not going to like everything I write.
And I have said before how excited I am by the acceptance of Josh; my basically original main character. So many people keep telling me that they forgot it was a fanfic story. All good news to the hopeful writer inside me.

Thank you also to the fandom choice awards site and Tricky Raven for running the awards. Great job! There were clearly a few close runs this year. Thank you also, to everyone who nominated me and voted for me.

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