Thursday, 30 January 2014

Kiss me out of desire

banner made by don'tcallmeleelee
What is it about me and rare pairings?
The ‘Paws and art 3.0’ contest had a huge number of banner entries. Eighty of them!
I subscribe to their page on an rss feed, and I kept a copy of the page so that I could access it offline and chose a Seth/Bella banner. I wrote my story and it wasn’t until after I had entered it that I realised that that banner had been adopted and removed from the competition entries. Cue panic attack. Silly me for not checking first! I wanted to support the contest; previously I have won it in 2011 and come third in 2012, so I chose a different banner. There wasn’t another Seth banner option and the point of the contest is to write to the existing banners.
I literally wrote a one shot in an hour or so and sent it in. I knew it wasn’t my best work, but I didn’t have time to do anything else as I was in the middle of nanowrimo and there were very few entries already posted. I was worried about the contest.
So I chose the banner above and wrote ‘Kiss me out of desire’. The title is a line from the Jeff Buckley song ‘Last goodbye’. The rest of the line is ‘kiss me out of desire babe, and not consolation.’ I love that line.
It is posted here at fanfiction and here at fictionpad.
Summary: Leah's deep and abiding anger attracts the attention of someone who feels emotions. Someone who is tired of control, and strict diets and suppressed libidos.
It has over fifty reviews most of which complain that they need more and I can’t leave it where I did. Bwahaha. My eternal curse!
It certainly has places that it could go but it would be a rare outing for me; I have never written fanfiction with a Cullen main character before, but I like Jasper’s darkness.

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