Friday, 17 January 2014

Goodreads author program

I was reading an article about the Goodreads author program and how they had hit the milestone of one hundred thousand authors and twenty five million members. Something made me type in one of my ISBN numbers and eek - cue panic attack - it’s listed on Goodreads. It was a freak choice that one of my seven titles was listed and I hit the right one. But unfortunately under the wrong AM Gray. It’s a common name. Sigh.
I have many skills but knowledge of US Marine Corps campaigns isn't one of them. To differentiate us, they have designated me as AM two space Gray. That is so my Native American name! It will look the same on the site. Somewhere out there may be AM three space Gray.
I am not sure that I am ready to join the author program but so be it; I'm there now. And my profile pic is the bright green absinthe porn fairy that enjoyyourjacob made for me for JBNP. Lmao. It looks good.
I just noticed that I am number 146 in the list of top reviewers. Goodness me. I assume that is just for Australia. I’d be nowhere near that anywhere else.
So, yet another online place to find me. Now I am a real author and the prospect is terrifying. I suppose I should go off to write some more.

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