Thursday, 13 February 2014

Killing off characters

You know… in the past I have been accused of hegemony. I know, right… bwahaha. But in any case, someone once accused me of this. Meaning that all my fics ended in marriage and babies and the subjugation of woman. Which they don’t and it was abundantly clear that the person hadn’t actually read any of my fics because they left the review that said that in my polyamorous fic where Bella left her baby at home (with his two fathers) to go to university and study law. Hey, they couldn't have the baby for her. Biology is not that advanced yet. And I don’t write male pregnancy because science.
I have been very busy uploading all my one shots to Ao3. Phew. Wipes brow. I think they are all there now. All … let me just check… yep 49 of them. 120,650 words in total. Odd pairings and all.
But the one thing that is a bit different on Ao3 from is that you can search by tags. And a number of warnings are standardised, including Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, and Underage sex. And that is a good thing. Those are all major triggers for some people.
I have been trying to tag things properly and of those 49 fics that I have loaded, I killed a main character in ten of them. They died of old age, they died in childbirth, in one I even killed all the Cullens (and the demon baby - ‘Shattered’) and destroyed people left, right and centre. I have a 20% kill rate… lmao. And I haven’t even started to load the longer fics although they often do have happier endings.
I suppose in a shorter form it’s a chance to try more unusual pairings or to write riskier things. It’s only 5k words.

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