Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wattpad update.

My muse has been rather squished for the last few days. Dealing with some real life stuff that was draining and emotional and my poor muse just got … flattened. I haven’t written anything for days and it is killing me.
So I went back and scraped through some of my original stuff from a couple of years ago. I can’t post it at fanfic or on Ao3 as it is original work and it predates this blog so it was never posted here. I have been fooling around and uploading the stories onto my Wattpad account. They are all short stories basically.
And I am learning as I go. Nothing like throwing myself in and dog-paddling like mad before I drown.
Wattpad is very basic. All html - at least I think it is. Half my bio has links and half doesn't and I don’t know why. Sigh.
I paste in text and it retains formatting so that’s good… I think.
I have muddled about with covers and worked out how to do them in photobucket but they are pretty basic and I swear that site has it in for me. No no don’t resize it; damn you. It looks horrible now! Reload and start again.
Covers in Wattpad are book sized; a vertical rectangle of 256x400. Good for books, bad for any other kind of banner size. I think fanfic is trying to use that shape, too. But that means that none of my current banners can be reused unless I get them resized.
You can add links to an image but it kind of shows up down on the right hand side like the image below under a heading of ‘media’ and I think the only way you can use more than one image is to make a collage of them yourself before you add the link in. I think… You can add videos, though. Which means you could probably put a song into your chapter if you used a video link to it. Hmmm… or maybe those cute book trailers that I don’t even know how to begin making. Possibilities there.

I am surfing YouTube watching videos made by teens to try and work it out.
Such is my life.

Oooh. I have one Wattpad follower! Yay *hugs solitary follower*

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