Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wattpad vs ao3 update

An update of my earlier post.
Fictionpad is very quiet. I made a point of following back everyone who followed me but I am not getting many hits at all. But it is very Twilight heavy and twilight Edward/Bella heavy. The top 40 stories are ALL Ed/Bella. Sigh…
I will try harder to review other stories. I don’t read much fanfic anymore, I just don’t have the time and I suppose it might look a little one sided if I am posting and expecting reviews and not giving them myself. But it does have ‘likes’ and it takes no effort to click that button.
The stats are unusual. I can’t see my stats for a story unless I go to my main page and when you have 70 stories that is a lot of scrolling to even find a particular story on the main page. The stats are not viewable within the story to me but oddly, other viewers can see my stats if I have elected not to hide them. And more easily than I can as the poster. Huh?
And I open my stories in full page mode but other people’s open in an app style small format called ‘popup viewer’. I am using the same interface so I am not sure why it is different for me as a viewer. And it is different for different authors, too and I can’t see where to change it on their stories. I’m confused.
Wattpad stats on the other hand are not very informative. I get that they are in the beta stage but they have three axes and no date. So you can’t tell how your stats have changed over time. Surely any meaningful stats table needs a time/date axis?
So all I get is a giant blue rectangle that gets bigger according to the number of hits. hmmm
Ao3 I have spent days loading up some of my one shots. Yeah, I know right, some… I am up to 33 stories so far. I haven’t even tried to load any multi-chapter stories. Curse you fanfic for stopping auto uploads! Seriously it is all the tag entering that takes the time.
I write a lot of rare pairings so the tags are not searchable for some of my pairings but it seem to be those stories that are garnering the greater number of hits. Interesting. Comparing ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’ on each format, it looks like this after a week.

And it seems that fanfic is still my best forum. I do have more of a presence on there so that might be understandable but this story is still pulling 10-15 hits a day and it has been posted for two years. 

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