Saturday, 22 February 2014

Twitter Etiquette

I unfollowed someone on twitter this week. That is not that unusual but the reason why I did it was because she broke what I consider to be a rule of Twitter etiquette.
In order to promote her book she used hashtags that related to other things. For instance: ‘he’s no #teenwolf but he’s what she has been looking for’ OR ‘#onceuponatime a mermaid left the sea’ or whatever they said. For the record, her book had zero to do with either of those fandoms. And she did it often enough for me to notice it in the huge stream of twitter messages that roll over my dash.
I think that is just flat out rude. People who have those tags marked to show up in their search engines will get her promoting her book by piggybacking on another fandom.
Just, no.

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