Friday, 24 May 2013

Am I missing something with Facebook?

I have a feeling that I am missing something with Facebook. I was reading an article about how to FB properly. (And now I can’t even find the article. Tech - it hates me. Lol) It said something like you needed to post four times a day at a minimum to stay ahead in the search engine optimisation stakes, but no more than eight times a day otherwise you got annoying to your followers. Riiight.
Well. I’d be hard put to find something to post eight times a day. At least, that is quality stuff. I could post eight photos of books but that’s not really me, and others do it much better.
I have been writing a lot of flash fiction lately; things under one thousand words, usually inspired by a picture or word prompt. They are too long to be posted on FB itself. Most of these are coming from Tumblr. I am losing track of what I have posted and where. There is a function you can click and ALL your tumblr posts are shared on FB or twitter, but you really do not want to see everything I repost on tumblr. (No; you really don’t.) Plus, I am not sure that they would post to my FB author page rather than my personal page.
FB insists that I cannot have a personal FB and an author one - my author persona has to be a ‘page’ but they don’t allow ‘pages’ the same flexibility as a normal account. I can’t ‘like’ some things or some other pages, for example, or make lists for my page. I can’t use some internet pages when I am logged in as ‘page’ me rather than personal me. It is very annoying. And honestly, Facebook just all round annoys me. It nags me to complete my profile. No. You do not need to know where I am every minute of every day. And now it has sold out to advertisers. Grrr.
I have worked out how to automatically post my FB posts to Twitter. That was pretty easy, but if I am posting a blog post then I need it to go back the other way. I want to send a link to Tumblr that I have posted a blog post and it seems that I can’t do it automatically. Blogger can do it, but only to google+ and I have spent too long searching their help files to no avail. I know other people who use Wordpress can do it. Sigh. I will just have to remember to do it manually.
I find it annoying to click on a twitter link that takes me to a Facebook page that takes me to another link that is an article that turns out to be a slideshow that I have to click ten times to get through. GAHHHH! And I assume that other people do, too.
On FB if I want to schedule a post to load later, instead of defaulting to today’s time and date - so I can add three hours or whatever - it starts with the year. And last year is an option. What the? I have to select year, month, day, hour and minute. Five things, before I can press post! That is NUTS.
So shove it, search engine optimisation. No way am I posting eight things a day.

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