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He didn’t think much of it at the time,

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AN: maybe it was the Tor rewatch of Buffy that got me thinking like this. They are up to Smashed - one of my fave episodes. http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/08/buffy-the-vampire-slayer-rewatch-larrys-gay-larrys-dead-and-high-schools-kinda-over

He didn’t think much of it at the time, but as the weeks progressed, he found himself dwelling often on the scene he’d witnessed that night. Not that he was entirely sure that he had seen what he thought he had seen. So he can’t have seen a guy with long teeth, sucking at the neck of a girl in the alley behind the bar.
He looked very exotic. Lots of leather... what did they call it? Gothic? That’s what he looked like.
He put it out of his head. He was drunk. He had to be.
Vampires were creatures of fiction. They didn’t really exist. If that was what the guy was or just a Goth who wanted to be a vampire... yeah. That made sense. A whole lot of people were into that scene.
So, the next time he snuck outside for a smoke, and a bit of fresh air to clear his head, he wasn’t particularly surprised to see Goth guy (as he now called him in his head) in the alley. He was with another girl.
He watched them surreptitiously. She didn’t look as eager as the last girl although she fitted the Goth profile. She protested. She asked to go back inside the bar.
The thought crossed his mind to be a hero. Try to rescue her.
“Don’t even think about it,” a small blonde girl whispered as she moved past him. “Leave it to me.”
He wanted to protest that she could not help. But the next second, she leapt out of the shadows and yanked the girl away from Goth guy. He hissed at her. Seriously hissed. Teeth bared and all.
The tiny blonde shoved the girl behind her, knowing he was there to help her. He shepherded her out of the way and back to the bar fire exit, but looked back over his shoulder.
The blonde bounced lightly on her feet. And in such a modern setting, she had a hand whittled wooden stake in her hand. She held it back handed. So that her thumb was pointing towards her chest and the point protruded from below her hand. She seemed like a gymnast rather than a vigilante, she moved so fluidly. Running up and kicking off the walls, she kicked him backwards and then she stabbed that stake into the Goth guy’s chest.
And he just turned to ash.
One second he was there and the next he was gone!
“Did you see that?” he asked the shaking girl.
He had been drinking and it all happened so fast. Later it occurred to him that it was too fast. People could not move that fast. And tiny blonde girls could not kick a guy twice their size in the centre of the chest with a booted foot and throw him feet backwards into a wall. He knew his physics. That wasn’t possible.
But he told himself he hadn’t seen it. He was drunk. It hadn’t happened like that.
But he thought about it. He kept looking for that girl. He didn’t see the Goth girl around anymore. He started to go out later. Hang in alleys at odd hours.
And once he did, he started to notice a whole lot of weird things he had never noticed before. Guys with no suntan like the Goth Guys with serious dental problems. Women with black eyes. It was as if the blinkers over his eyes had been removed. Now he saw the world clearly.
And then he did see the tiny blonde, but not where he expected her to be. She was on an excursion with the local high school. A group of them walked past him in the street. She was in high school? She wasn’t old enough to be in the bars she was protecting.
He tried to catch her eye and she skilfully ignored him.
He understood. She could not explain how she knew him without blowing her cover.
He kept trying to look for her at night, at least until a vampire asked him if he wanted a fangbang. At least the vampire took no as an answer. He had been stupidly reckless. He couldn’t look after himself like she could.
It shook him out of his obsession. He started to live in daylight hours. He got a job and he stopped hanging in alleys after midnight. But he never forgot her and her never forgot that the city had a dark underbelly and a bite that could hurt.
© AM Gray 2013

The tiny blond one belongs to Joss Whedon et al.

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