Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Be careful with that thing!

In one sentence is the spark of a story. Ignite.

Mission: Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a memory about this sentence. Write something about this sentence.

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“Be careful with that thing!” he yelled, grabbing her hand.
“Oh, for heaven’s sake,” she argued. “I can’t work it; it’s a magic staff and I’m not-”
A beam of greenish blue light shot out of the end of the staff and zapped into the wall. A few chunks of plaster fell in a mini avalanche onto the floor.
In a fluster, she dropped the staff on the floor.
They stared at each other. She looked more shocked than he did. “What? How? I’m not...”
“Clearly you are... you didn’t even say anything.” He bent down and picked it up; handling it rather more gingerly than she had.
“I wouldn’t know what to say if I did know the words.” She stopped. “Did that make sense?”
“No. You can barely make sense when you do know the words to say.”
“Ha ha.” She reached for the staff but he held it away from her.
She rolled her eyes. “I’ll be careful.”
“How? You don’t even know what you did. You just held it in your hand.” She noticed that he didn’t close his hand around it.
“I can’t explain how it went off.”
“I’m well aware of that.”
“Well, who can we ask about it?”
He looked doubtful. “We need to keep this quiet, actually. And we need to get out of here.” He wrapped the staff in a cloth and shoved it inside his rucksack.
She knew he was right. They had come here to steal it; to stop the evil wizard Bronwyn from using it. 
“I didn’t do anything,” she said as they hurried from the chamber.
“No, I know.”
“I just picked it up.”
“Yeah... I know.”
“Wait... You know what this means?”
“Maybe she isn’t magic at all... maybe she just has tools that are magic.”
“Move faster... in fact... run.”
“Why?” she puffed as she sprinted after him.
“If you are right about the magic tools, then she won’t want anyone to know that. Run faster.”
“Oh, crap.”
They ran.
© AM Gray 2013

* I asked kid 1 what was a good name for an evil wizard and he said Bronwyn… no idea where that came from. 

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