Friday, 6 September 2013

I hate steam

I hate steam.
No, not the swirly wet bathroom kind of steam. That stuff is lovely. And seriously, the air is so dry right now in Australia that I’d be pleased to see some of that. No, I mean Steam the games server. My teens managed to suck up the entire internet allowance in less than a month - again. If I increase it, then they’d use that up, too and it does them good to be reduced to dial up speed for a while. Heck, I watched a few Tedtalks, but most of the blame rests with Steam because these days you buy a game and it is one disk and the rest of the game you have to download.
It is just another chapter in my continuing lifetime war with electronics. I break computers all the time. I break credit card readers. I have no idea why. I can no longer wear watches. It is just pointless to rely on them and too expensive to keep replacing them.
The internet provider company sends an email to tell you when you are running close to your Net limit, but because of my super fry ability it goes to the wrong email address. I have tried to fix this myself and spent much time on the phone and also tried to do it online myself, but it won’t let me. I know, right? So I ring them up, determined to fix this thing once and for all.
‘Of course madam,’ says the helpful guy. ‘I can amend that for you right now. You want the same address as is here’ - he reads it out.
‘Yes, that’s right.’
‘Oh,’ he says. ‘It won’t change.’
‘Excuse me? Won’t?’
‘I change it and it changes back. That’s odd.’
‘I don’t think I can fix it.’
Heavy sigh. ‘Fine. Thanks anyway.’
Ps: I’ve broken gmail, too - it says I have messages but I can’t find them and believe me I have looked everywhere. And given they are confirmations to post a comment on a writing site; my admission is sitting in a ‘waiting to be approved’ tag and can’t be seen by other readers… double sigh.

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