Friday, 13 September 2013

Milestones September 2013

This has been a big month.
This blog passed 30,000 hits.
Smashwords has nearly 5k downloads.
My continuation of a one shot - I’ll be Home for Christmas earned over 500 reviews for the first eight chapters. It seems to be doing a word of mouth thing; with its hits increasing daily as people must refer it to their friends. That is wonderful to see. It is not a popular pairing. There are THREE Bella/Josh stories on fanfic. It is HERE
I am clearly writing very different pairings, because my most recent one shot Dreams and Dust was a Rosalie/Sam story and there are only three of those as well! Bwahaha. Read it HERE.
The pic is the image prompt #26 that inspired it, from the Truly anon twific contest of 2012. Still challenging myself to write them all - except guitars and cowboys. I’ve got nothing for guitars and cowboys. Not in the Twilight world, at any rate. I can’t find the original source for the shot and it is everywhere on the Net.
But the big milestone is my total hits at fanfic. It just passed 5 million.
5 Million.
There are no totals on the Legacy Story Statistics page at fanfic, but I cut and pasted it into Excel. (See, I do have wicked computer skills. Laughs at self.) I totalled them up recently when I was trying to sell myself to a publisher. Look at me! I’ve got X hits at fanfic. People like me; really they do. I don’t think it worked, as I haven’t heard back from them. 

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