Sunday, 8 September 2013

Dodged a bullet

Years ago when I first started writing, I sent off a story to a publisher. They responded. I had no idea how rare that was. And it was an actual response with story critique. They said they liked it but I just needed to add more from the male character pov and up the word count. It was from a company called Noble Romance publishing. In the meantime, the company was (as I understand it - I may have this wrong) fought over by two siblings, who between them tore it apart. Jill Noble left more than a year ago and the company became a disaster area that finally closed its doors in August of this year.
It was often listed in the pages of ‘Writer Beware’ because of that. I had only just discovered WB and became aware of the issues through the site and didn't send my manuscript back to Noble. It became the e-book ‘Sea Change’.
Ann Crispin, who set up Writer Beware died this week of cancer. The site is a fabulous resource and she will be greatly missed, not only for WB but for her own writing.
There are so many scams out there to take money from unsuspecting and wide eyed writers. It is wonderful that a site like WB exists to warn people.
The site asks: “Please honor Ann's memory, and her work, by reading her books and spreading the word about Writer Beware.”

My pleasure.

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