Thursday, 16 October 2014

I see you

In one sentence is the spark of a story. Ignite.

Mission: Write a story, a description, a poem, a metaphor, a commentary, or a memory about this sentence. Write something about this sentence.

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I see you.
Words that changed her life. Her dull, ordinary life. Full of the creeping minutia of everyday stuff. Work, commuting, doing her laundry, grocery shopping, coffee with friends and watching TV. Her companion-less, single life.
‘You are old enough; you should be married,’ her mother would nag. ‘I'll be too old to be a grandmother.’
She told her mother that if she kept inviting what she considered to be nice boys over for dinner then she would never set foot inside her mother’s house again. What her mother thought were nice men, she didn't like at all. They were too loud; too abrasive.
She liked her friends. She liked the occasional man. But she liked being alone more. And the more time she spent alone, the more she preferred it. She didn't even have a cat or a fish. She argued that she liked it that way; that she might go away for a weekend or something, and that to leave a fish or cat alone would be wrong.
Withdrawing from friends meant that they kind of forgot about her. they would organise a night out and not tell her; she always said ‘no’ anyway.
She was walking along the street when a person bumped into her. They didn’t apologise. It was almost as if they didn't see her.
It happened more frequently until it was a daily occurrence.
She decided that she had reached a new level of existence. Her own kind of nirvana. She was invisible.
She revelled in it. She smiled at nothing. There was a new bounce in her step. Everyday was more interesting and exciting than the last with her new found gift.
She danced in her house. Threw her arms above her head and shouted to nothing, “I am invisible!”
And a voice replied, “I see you.”
© AM Gray 2014

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