Friday, 17 October 2014

Work in Progress

I saw a comic this week that so neatly encapsulated my works in progress (WIP) problem that I copied it here. And I checked the site and it is okay if you credit them. So thanks, poorly drawn lines… THAT is my problem.
A reader asked about my WIP. Oddly, I had just drawn up a table of them all, so I thought I would share.
I am thinking of doing National Novel writing month (Nanowrimo) and you are supposed to work on a new project. I have maybe two (or three) that could be tagged as my nano project for 2014. If I have already written some words, I will just add more on the end. And a lot of the technical word count is plotting out the story and making back stories for characters rather than actual writing. Pre-planning is a bonus for nano. There is seriously no way you can write 50,000 words in a month without it.
With scrivener, I can set it to only count the words in the actual manuscript and not all the prep stuff that is in the same document, so it should be okay.
But here is a table of my WIP:

working title
rough storyline
word count
Watchers group, multiple worlds, forgotten tech, death vs life, messenger girl in between the two
portal fantasy
secret thoughts
polyamorous multiracial erotica, magic special forces,
paranormal urban fantasy
midnight deals
A girl hides on a tramp steamer, asks guy to protect her; he does more than that, teaches her that desire =/= love
Romance, drama
conon's quest
Adventures of Wizard Conon & Edwin, his human assistant,
Fantasy hero quest
london & tuesday
modern older woman romance w younger man, real life issues w age gap and blended families
new adult
bluebeard's last wife
fairy tale rewrite, BB’s last wife saves herself
fairy tale
second chances
Unhappily married woman dreams up a lover, literally
supernatural hunters, girl bound to life partner by a ring, angst & drama ensue
young adult
autumn leaves
Romance but the guy ultimately wants her for her apartment
unusual house
Girl inherits a house that protects itself and a lawyer that may be soulless. But was her Gran murdered?
murder mystery
succubus / birds & bees
stolen child grows up to realise she is a succubus, goes to a PI; only guy she can touch - he’s a fallen angel
paranormal urban fantasy
kitten at the crossroads
girl accidently sells her virginity to a crossroads demon who falls in love w her
paranormal urban fantasy
the necklace
short stories linked by a necklace that allows the wearer to hear thoughts, explores moral grey issues
modern, magic
shifters and food
The wolf alpha's son chose a non-shifter girl as his mate - why her?
paranormal urban fantasy
the lock dragons
thief steals item guarded by tiny dragons, one becomes a tattoo and the second leads a hunter to them
fantasy, magic
Weredingos/brooklyn tigers
aussie shifters, new teacher in small town dates the head Roo
paranormal urban fantasy
north by northwest
aussie, impulsive street meeting turns into romance - quick; pretend you’re my girlfriend
romance HEA

So, there are seventeen stories that I have plotted out, thought up names and back stories for the main characters, found cool photos that look like my head canons, done some research on places and items that feature in the story, written a few words and maybe made up a Scrivener project for them. SEVENTEEN! It’s about 400,000 words in total, I think.
And it’s not just that I have that many stories, but I have more than ten genres, as well!
And that’s not even counting the other half baked ideas that I have never made a start on, or the short stories that people tell me should be extended, NOR is it counting the manic number of fanfiction stories I still have to finish.
So my over thinking thoughts (as per the cartoon) go something like this… oh, my god I've written a hundred thousand words of bog standard portal fantasy with a magic girl who is probably a Mary-Sue. Who would want to read this? Start next story. OMG I have written a story that uses an ancient god. I have appropriated that from another people, I am a horrible person, and who would want to read that? Start next story… etcetera.
I get that this is me censoring myself. Instead of going back and fixing the issue, I get intrigued by a new shiny idea. I will probably self-publish these, so I'm not trying to sell them to a publisher or literary agent. I won’t spend fourteen years getting it perfect like the Aussie guy who won the 2014 Man Booker prize this week. (Richard Flanagan won with The Narrow Road to the Deep North.)
I'm not that kind of writer. After making a cover, the worst that could happen is that I upload them and they don’t sell. Although my fertile imagination could think up a few more scary options. *laughs at self*
At least I didn't follow the cartoon and delete them! It’s all there to be edited. You can’t edit a blank page.
It can be fixed. It can be finished. I just need to pick one and do it.

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